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Institutional presentation of the Barcelona Energy Agency



The purpose of the Barcelona Local Energy Agency is to promote Barcelona as an exemplary city in the handling of energy matters and their repercussion on the environment.

Accordingly, the Agency works to endow the city with optimum standards of use and management of local energy resources through consensus and participation, and to promote a rational sustainable energy demand that is marked by its quality.

All this should enable Barcelona to comply with the environmental and energy commitments undertaken in the local sphere (as established in the Energy Plan and the Agenda 21) as well as in the international area (derived from the Johannesburg, Kyoto, Aalborg and Rio de Janeiro summits).

In addition to this, the Agency forms a reference in energy matters for the institutions that make up the Consortium and it co-participates in its own right (or as a representative, in the case of the Barcelona City Council) in both European and domestic projects.


The Agency’s origin lies in the European Union energy policies as established in the Green Paper and the White Paper on Energy, which recognise the value of energy efficiency and of renewable energies in the achievement of the objectives of sustainable development.

Specifically, the White Paper stresses the role of local authorities in energy matters, and the positive value of exchanging experiences in this field among the various cities.

The Consortium

The Barcelona Local Energy Agency Consortium was organised on 14th May 2002. It is formed by the various Administrations that are directly involved in energy and environmental management within its scope of action: the Barcelona Council as the municipal manager, the Metropolitan Body for Hydraulic Services and Waste Treatment because of its relationship with the “real” city, the Catalan Institute for Energy and the Institute for Energy Diversification and Savings because of its responsibility in the Catalan and Spanish spheres, respectively.

Likewise, with the aim to increase knowledge and research, the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Catalan University Technical College, also form part of the Consortium.

The president of the Consortium at present is Joan Puigdollers, Chair of the the Barcelona City Council’s Commission for Sustainability, Urban Services and the Environment.

    Founding Bylaws of the Agency Consortium (in Catalan) [PDF]    
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